Members of staff*

Dr. Lisa Dieckmann
has a PhD in art history and is software developer as well as chief executive of prometheus. She is in charge of the project coordination and development and cooperation with our project partners.

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Dipl. Inform. Jörg Koch
studied computer visualistics at the University of Koblenz-Landau with a focus on computer graphics, image processing, and web/data science. After two years of research in the private sector, he returned to prometheus in 2019 to contribute his new findings to software development and in particular to the further development of our search algorithms. As a passionate sailor he keeps prometheus technically on course and works for us as a remote employee mainly from Karlsruhe.

Sven Peter M.A., M.Sc.

has studied Art History, History and Computer Science at the universities Saarbrücken, Bamberg, Sciences Po Paris and Paris-Sorbonne. At the prometheus image archive, he contributes to the development of the archive’s web application as well as to its data management, and also assumes tasks for the projects’s coordination.

Dr. Bettina Pfleging
is working free.lance, after obtaining her doctorate degree in media education. Therefore, she is responsible for the social media presence of prometheus. She informs you about the newest developments of the image architev and occasionally gives you a glance behind the scenes via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram. She summarizes important news in a biweekly newsletter. (» Board)

Laura Schuler B.A.
had studyied art history and archeology in a dual-subject bachelor program at the University of Cologne and the Sapienza, University of Rome. At the prometheus-office, she is responsible for the user support as well as our „Info-Mail“. Additionally, she keeps you up to date with news from the image archive through our prometheus-blog.

Sabrina Ujkasevic M.A.
is currently working on her doctoral dissertation on printworks of orientalistic costumes in the 18th century, after obtaining her magister in art history, german and roman studies at the University of Cologne and the University of Florence. At the prometheus-office, she represents the decentralized Culture Coordination Office of the NFDI4Culture consortium and is also responsible for licensing advice for institutional licensees.

*in alphabetical order

Former staff members*

  • Mihail Atanassov M.A. (Köln, Informatik)
  • Dipl.-Phys. Lars Bähren (Köln, Informatik)
  • Sebastian Beßler (Köln, Informatik)
  • Thomas Bodo Block (Köln, Informatik)
  • Dr. Stefan Brenne (Giessen, Archäologie » aktuell: Board)
  • Ben Burkhard M.A. (Köln, Informatik)
  • Rebeca Ehses M.A. (Köln, Geschäftsstelle)
  • Arne Eilermann (Köln, Informatik)
  • PD Dr. Norbert Eschbach (Giessen, Archäologie » aktuell: Board)
  • Dr. Meta Friese (Köln, Geschäftsstelle)
  • Prof. Tina Glückselig (Dessau, Design)
  • Dr. Reinhard Greulich (Leipzig, Informatik)
  • Prof. Rochus Hartmann (Dessau, Design)
  • Prof. Dr. Dorothee Haffner (Berlin, Kunstgeschichte » aktuell: Board)
  • Bettina Hilgert B.A. (Köln, Geschäftsstelle)
  • Georg Hohmann M.A.(Köln, Projektkoordination)
  • Dr. Jennifer Hülsberg (Köln, Geschäftsstelle)
  • Hendrikje Hüneke M.A. (Gießen, Bildserie)
  • Julia Iwanowa M.A. (Berlin, Informatik)
  • Dr. Kerstin Jung (Dessau, Design)
  • Erika Knecht B.A. (Köln, Geschäftsstelle)
  • Tobias Linden B.A. (Köln, Geschäftsstelle)
  • Ansgar Lorenz M.A. (Köln, Geschäftsstelle)
  • Dr. Gerd Mörsch (Köln, Geschäftsstelle)
  • Dipl.-Bibl. Thomas Müller (Köln, Informatik)
  • Dr. Jürgen Nemitz (Köln/Marburg, Informatik)
  • Johanna Neumann M.A. (Köln, Informatik)
  • Theresa Nisters M.A. (Köln, Geschäftsstelle)
  • Astrid Puckett (Giessen, Bildserie)
  • Prof. Dr. Sigrid Ruby (Giessen, Kunstgeschichte » aktuell: Board)
  • Claudia Rust M.A. (Giessen, Geschäftsstelle)
  • Sabine Scheele M.A. (Giessen, Webdesign » aktuell: Board)
  • Dipl. Des. Dirk Schuster (Dessau, Design)
  • Prof. Dr. Holger Simon (Köln, Projektleitung » aktuell: Board)
  • Silvia Stark M.A. (Köln, Geschäftsstelle)
  • Prof. Dr. Manfred Thaller (Köln, Historisch-Kulturwissenschaftliche
  • Jana Thies M.A. (Köln, Geschäftsstelle)
  • Denise Trump M.A. (Köln, Geschäftsstelle)
  • Prof. Dr. Ute Verstegen (Köln, Projektkoordination » aktuell: Board)
  • Katja Vierk (Köln, Geschäftsstelle)
  • Dipl.-Bibl. Jens Wille (Köln, Informatik)
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Worzyk (Anhalt, Informatik)

*in alphabetical order