Evaluation of the prometheus survey 2023 - 1

We thank everyone who filled out the “prometheus Survey 2023” questionnaire. We are pleased about the constructive criticism, the tips and wishes that we received through the comments, and we are grateful for the acceptance and appreciation.
In the next few weeks we will cluster, discuss and prioritize your statements and communicate the results here. Let’s start today with the question how you get along with the individual functions in prometheus. The results:

1 very good – 2 good – 3 so-so – 4 bad – 5 very bad – I don’t know about it

For some of these functions you also had the option to tick “I don’t know” and some of you would have preferred to indicate “I don’t use it”.
We will now take a closer look at your suggestions on how to work with the image archive in order to make the information available in other media formats (besides help, FAQ and blog) for those who are not familiar with the function.