Evaluation of the prometheus survey 2023 - 3

In the final part of our short series on the survey results, we look at the responses to the question “What topics and content are you missing within the integrated image assets?” that we have summarized, as well as the overall rating.

35 out of 80 did not provide information on missing topics or content. Most of the 43.75% are not missing anything. They are satisfied with the range of topics.
What is missing for the other survey participants is primarily contemporary art.
12.5% mention the gap either in general terms or with specific examples of artists, genres or regions. Another 12.5% cite missing and incorrect metadata in their responses, as well as a lack of specific additional keywording (e.g., era, gender studies). Lesser-known artworks and the works of lesser-known artists* were also frequently mentioned as desiderata, by 7.5%, as frequently as “architecture.”
Other topics and contents mentioned: Photography (3), Middle Ages (3), Performance, Action Art (3), Videos (2), Art Worldwide (2), Ancient Cultures (1), Ethnographic Representations of Modern Costume (1), Decorative Arts and Furniture (1), Theater History, Performance History (1).

In our research for further image databases that we can integrate into prometheus, we will consider the mentioned topics and contents and search specifically. If you have concrete hints, please do not hesitate to let us know.
We would also like to draw your attention to the upload option, where you can, for example, insert your own images from research trips and release your images from your own image database to everyone in the image archive, if they have been approved by the prometheus office after editorial review in the sense of quality assurance.

At the end of the questionnaire, we asked you how likely it is you would recommend the Image Archive to a colleague or friend and survey participants distributed the following stars:

10 stars: 37,50%
9 stars: 16,25%
8 stars: 15,00%
7 stars: 8,75%
6 stars: 6,25%
5 stars: 7,50%
4 stars: 3,75%
3 stars: 2,50%
2 stars: 1,25%
1 star: 1,25%

So we still have some work to do and will keep you up to date on the next steps and results.