Comments on images

From this site, you can exchange information to and about the images in the image archive using the comments function from Prometheus next to the images. This additional communication option is already being used by many of you. For example, some people have provided suggestions for missing data, as in Michelangelo’s David, but they may also point out absent or incorrect titles: Titel wronge. Correct: “Martyrium des hl. Matthäus.”
There are references regarding the quality of the images, i.e., “reversed”, “missing piece”, “strong cut” or other corrections: example: “image found in the Charlottenburg Palace, not in the Louvre.” There are updates as well as to the current location “since 2010 in the Wurth Collection.” In addition, there are some very enthusiastic submissions, which are totally amazing! Some viewers present comparisons “The compositional scheme of this image is often used in many details with mosaic…”, some present questions “Are the hands open or closed?”, and other viewers advertise the original artwork: “Unfortunately, the colors of this reproduction correspond to the original (have a calibrated monitor) – you just need to see the Feuerbach in the New Pinakothek!”.
Are you interested in receiving more references, information and better search results during your research? In a few cases, you can find comments that offer tips about bibliographic references or links to further information. With the introduction of the “Comments Function”, we hope that everyone benefits from this optimization and the information provided by the expertise of others.
If there are comments, you can see the display of the search results as well as in the list directly under the image. If the image happens to be valued with stars that range from 1 to 5, you will be able to see how much the image has been valued and whether there is any comments about it. One click on the “Comment Button” and you directly receive information from the community. And then, you can complement your own comments or answer the comments by others people…