Most searched in 2023

This year we will once again begin our information section in the picture archive with a look at the annual list of the artists you most frequently searched for last year.
Paula Modersohn-Becker made it to the top in 2022 but this year she came in 9th place.
She was replaced at the top by Pablo Picasso, followed by Vincent van Gogh and Max Ernst. The most wanted artist in 2023 is Hannah Höch behind this trio. With her there are seven other artists in the top 20.

All top 20 in 2023:

1. Pablo Picasso
2. Vincent van Gogh
3. Max Ernst
4. Hannah Höch
5. René Magritte
6. Claude Monet
7. Gabriele Münter
8. Caspar David Friedrich
9. Paula Modersohn-Becker
10. Hilma af Klint
11. Caravaggio
12. Albrecht Dürer
13. Otto Dix
14. Frida Kahlo
15. Nan Goldin
16. Henri Matisse
17. Gerhard Richter
18. Kandinsky
19. Rebecca Horn
20. Cindy Sherman

A lot has also changed in the list of the ten living artists who aroused the most interest on Google and which internet service providers identified for Monopol magazine compared to last year. Last year’s number 1 Banksy is no longer in the top 10, just like Jeff Koons, Cindy Sherman, Damien Hirst and Wolfgang Tillmanns.

1. Gerhard Richter
2. Yoko Ono
3. Marina Abramović
4. Anselm Kiefer
5. Leon Löwentraut
6. David Hockney
7. Yayoi Kusama
8. Isa Genzken
9. Kaws
10. Georg Baselitz