Enrich metadata with Wikidata IDs

Wikidata is a free, shared database and a project of the Wikimedia Foundation with the goal of centralizing structured data and making it usable.
Last year we first integrated Wikidata search links into prometheus and a few months later the possibility to add the associated Wikidata ID to each image in the artist fields.

By clicking on “Add Wikidata ID” a window opens in which first the name can be entered and then the corresponding Wikidata entry can be selected. After saving, the Wikidata ID is added. If necessary, a click on the pen also enables correction.

These Wikidata IDs, the existing ones and the created ones, take you directly from the image archive to the corresponding authority data in Wikidata. And you can search for the Wikidata IDs in prometheus.

So far, 150 entries have been added this way. But there should be more to come in the next few weeks and months. Try it out, too!