Profile update by Changes

Most all of you have a personal account at prometheus. This mean you can create image collections for presentations, evaluate images, make comments, determine favorites and upload your images in your image database. In addition, with a personal account, you can always complement as well as update your profile. As a result, you still have access to your personal contents and favorites even if you transfer from your University, Institution or switch to a single license.
To create your own personal account please do the following: click on your name on the top right. It will open your profile and then, under “Details” your name, e-mail and information regarding licenses.
In the same manner you change your e-mail address or password, you can change your license: obtain a new license or change your institution. It is easy for you see the list of licensees to see if your (new) institution belongs to Prometheus. If the institution is listed, you can select it and then you are registered under the new institution.
In case your personal account is already expired, it may still be reactivated with all its personal settings.
Please do not hesitate to contact us before you create a new account. We will gladly assist you!