Up to data after updates

The reason for the growing number of images and records in the image archive is that we update the database from our imagers. As a result, we continually index the new data records and adopt the changes from consisting records in the index, thus insuring the search of prometheus contains the actual data. Within an update, we do not update every database, but only those who constantly adjust their data, for example to provide image material for seminars.
Prometheus also has image databases that are complete with their initial integration and there are also institutions, which cannot further fill or update their database due to the missing capacities. Currently, prometheus writes consistently with over forty of the ninety-two databases which, if applicable, send actual exports or they can be loaded up to our server. In addition, there are six other databases whose data we constantly automate from the server of the image provider to retrieve and index. There are databases from five institutions on our server, which we upgrade and can directly export and index.