Copyright and Publications

“Art and Copyright“ was the topic of a panel discussion at the meeting on “Museums in digital space” at the beginning of October in Munich. In addition, „Mal wieder die Urheberrechte …” (Once again the copyright…) as Hubertus Kohl describes it in his contribution on the
For us at prometheus, this contribution is today’s occasion to once again draw attention to our publishing practices.
If you want to publish images from prometheus or an integrated image database, you need to inform yourself as to the image rights requirements. Therefore, we have placed on the left side of the image the link (§) on the copyright from the selected image. This particular information explains, which copyrights are required for you to obtain for publication. If you see a star next to the icon (§*), you have the possibility of gathering publication permission directly from prometheus. If you cannot directly attain publication permission, you can receive support for your search for the respective rights-holder through the information in the fields “Credits” and “Rights (Work)”, which are found in each data record.
Prometheus itself is not in possession of any image rights and, therefore, cannot give out publication permission.