Open Source Tools and Libraries we created

Some of the code developed throughout the course of the project has been found to be of wider applicability than just for our own purposes. Since we ourselves are benefitting considerably from others in the Open Source community, we try to give back were we can; as a result of this, we have released some of the tools and libraries we created to the wider public.

  • apache_image_resizer – Apache module providing image resizing functionality.
  • apache_secure_download – Apache module providing secure downloading functionality.
  • athena – Convert database files to various formats.
  • cmess – Assist with handling messed up encodings.
  • flattendb – Flatten relational databases.
  • jekyll-localization – Jekyll plugin that adds localization features to the rendering engine.
  • jekyll-pagination – Jekyll plugin to extend the pagination generator.
  • jekyll-rendering – Jekyll plugin to provide alternative rendering engines.
  • jekyll-tagging – Jekyll plugin to automatically generate a tag cloud and tag pages.
  • JekyllCommander – A Sinatra-based web interface, to maintain a Jekyll website, including Git version control.
  • log2counter – Convert (analyse) Apache log files to COUNTER CSV.
  • pandora – The prometheus digital image archive software.
  • perseus_match – Fuzzy string matching based on linguistic analysis.
  • promdilps – Fork of the DILPS code base that drives the prometheus promDILPS service.
  • promhp – The Jekyll source for this website.
  • ruby-filemagic – Ruby bindings to the magic(4) library, revised.
  • ruby-nuggets – Some extensions to the Ruby programming language.
  • wadl – Ruby client for the Web Application Description Language.