Acces and research

  • access to the prometheus-image archive via activated IPs of the respective institution or with personalized account, anytime and anywhere
  • research possibilities in more than 3,496,000 images from over 120 databases on one common surface
  • multilingual search function that enables the user to search in German archives using English search terms – and vice versa
  • detailed meta data with the functions to rate and comment

further functions

  • possibilty to work cooperatively on image collections
  • upload of own images to supplement the search results by an own database
  • quick and direct access to current working objects via a personal sidebar

legal certainity

  • legal certainity for the use of all images in prometheus for research and instruction purposes by an agreement with the VG Bild-Kunst
  • copyright and publishing information along with the image
  • possibility to obtain publishing permission for images out of the bpk – Bildagentur für Kunst, Kultur und Geschichte in non-profit, scientific publications

Data Suppliers

  • expanded online presence and additional data protection by an agreement with VG Bild-Kunst
  • frequent updates of database contents and short-term adaptability
  • support for creating your own image archive
  • technical support
  • quality assurance by peer review


  • development of publicy available study/teaching contents and tools
  • dedication to Digital Humanities: working on projects
  • running adjustment of the prometheus-image archive to new trends and standards
  • maintainance of the prometheus-website for the information and communication beside frequent newsletters and blog posts
  • basic counsel in legal, content and research matters by phone or e-mail
  • on request we’re pleased to introduce you, your colleagues and students to functions and legal norms of prometheus. Please contact the prometheus office