esPrix 2011

postkarte esprix 2011

esPrix – the student prometheus award for German-language media-didactic applications in the field of cultural studies.

“What we are looking for are creative student contributions that are characterised by the harmonisation of good content, good didactics and good design!”

The prize of 500 EURO is tendered for media-didactic applications that can be integrated into the learning world of prometheus in terms of content and technology.

This year – for the 10th anniversary of prometheus – we are also offering a prize for students in a second category!


The focus of the submission is the media-compatible implementation of a teaching content, oriented to the requirements of a seminar in the basic studies or an advanced course in the upper grades. At least two media types (audio, image, text, etc.) are combined in a meaningful way.

Group work can also be submitted or suggested.

It is required that all contents are objectively correct. In accordance with “good scientific practice” all means and sources used are cited. For the media, the copyright is also indicated.

Conditions for participation

All students and pupils – individually or as a group – can participate or be proposed with a submission in german language. The prize money is awarded on the basis of a jury decision.


The submission deadline for esPrix 2011 starts on the 1st of March 2011 and ends on the 30th of September 2011.

Please send your suggestions to