prometheus is a distributed digital image archive that currently makes more than 3,496,000 images of over 120 databases from institutes, research facilities and museums researchable on a common user interface.

Situated at the Institute of Art History of the University of Cologne, prometheus is supported by the non-profit association prometheus e.V. which promotes the ongoing developments of the digital media for science and research.

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Image series of the week

Ignacio Zuloaga
Spain around 1900 – He sought the true essence of his native Spain in rites and customs, processions and costumes in which the old traditions lived on. | more...


In prometheus you can currently access more than 3.5 million images for your research work, papers and presentations as well as for your teaching. Nevertheless, the images you need for your specific topics are often missing. Or you have just been traveling and want to add your own current images of cultural objects. You know that you can upload all these images to your own image database with a personal account at prometheus and use them in the same way as the 126 image databases included, right? On our help pages you can read how the Upload into your own image database works.
Your uploads will then be directly available for your own image collections. After editorial review for quality assurance purposes by the prometheus office, you can also make the images accessible to others in the image archive and, since last year, the images also appear in the search results if you do not switch off this function.

Would you like to use your own image database in prometheus as an institute, school or project? Please get in touch with us and we will set up an institute database for you, such as the „BaSaar Image Archive“ of Art History at Saarland University. The first 32 data records are indexed and accessible for general searches.