Wikidata in prometheus

With the aim of using structured data for research that can be maintained by everyone in a central location, Wikidata, the free database of the Wikimedia Foundation, is integrated in various places in prometheus. If Wikidata IDs are provided by the integrated image databases, there are Wikidata search links in the image archive that you can click directly, so that you can get to the corresponding authority file in Wikidata outside of prometheus. Within the image archive, you can search directly for the Wikidata IDs and add the corresponding Wikidata ID to the artist fields of the images, thereby updating the data at the same time, as here in the case of Frei Paul Otto:

When you click on “Add Wikidata ID”, a window opens in which you can first enter the name and then select the corresponding Wikidata entry. After saving, the Wikidata ID is added as a search link. If necessary, you can click on the pen to make corrections.
So far, around 850 entries have been added in this way. We look forward to the first 1,000. :-)