Weekly image series

Every week the top image bar on the homepage of prometheus changes and gives a first visual impression of the image series of the week. The topics are mostly inspired by current exhibitions, for example this week’s „Anna Oppermann. A Retro Perspective“ in the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn. We often take an aspect of the exhibition or the artist’s work, such as Anna Oppermann’s “Ensembles” in this case, and look for suitable images in the prometheus image archive. We cannot always rely on a research database and 2,191 data sets on the artist’s work.
However, there is always a public image collection at prometheus that you can click on directly (see Fig. “1.”) and where you can find more material on the topic. As of today, you can also click on the thumbnails directly (see Fig. “2.”) and the associated data record will be displayed in the image archive.

We would be happy to accept your topics for a #pictureSeriesOfTheWeek, for an exhibition, but also for projects or campaigns. Get in touch with us and see how it can be implemented.