Software development

Here at prometheus we are passionate about Open Source and commit to the Free Software philosophy by licensing all our software under a free license (usually the GNU Affero General Public License) and contributing back to projects we use.

Open Source Tools and Libraries we created

Some of the code developed throughout the course of the project has been found to be of wider applicability than just for our own purposes. Since we ourselves are benefitting considerably from others in the Open Source community, we try to give back were we can; as a result of this, we have released some of the tools and libraries we created to the wider public.

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Third-party Tools we rely on

As much as we enjoy creating our own code to work behind the scenes (and sometimes on the front end) of the prometheus image archive, there is a limit to what we are able to do ourselves. The Open Source community provides a vibrant ecosystem with a large number of great projects we are able to rely on.

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Project Management

Though we are trying to keep the management overhead to a minimum, we like to be able to

  • monitor activity across the various code repositories,
  • share documentation across our team of developers,
  • keep track of issues – such as bugs, requested features, tasks, missing documentation, and so forth.

In the background we therefore use Redmine, a free and open source, web-based project management and bug-tracking tool.

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Image Archive API

While most of our users are likely going to carry out their everyday work with the image archive through the web interface, there also exists the possibility to “talk” more directly to pandora, the digital image archive software. If, e.g., you are interested in developing a cool new application – be it a game, a mobile app, a meta-search engine, etc. – which operates on top of the image archive, a line of communication into the system is required through which you are able to retrieve the information you need. This is where the image archive API comes into play!

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