April 1st was our birthday again. It wasn’t a big one, but a birthday is a birthday, and it’s an opportunity for us to take a quick look back, update the figures, take the next steps and discuss new plans.
It all started 2001 with a meeting in Berlin and a year later we recruited partners on quite a few occasions. For this purpose, we have posted on Instagram and will continue to comb through our hard drives in the next few days to publish pictures from the past few years there.

We publish current figures from the image archive every two weeks in the newsletter, but once a year we update them on Facebook in the project information section. This time we were able to add six image databases and almost 300,000 images. We will inform you here about the next steps, new plans and ideas over the next few months. This includes, among other things, further integration of image databases, but above all the implementation of the new design in the image archive.