The image archive

prometheus is a digital image archive for Art History and many other image based disciplines. prometheus enables the convenient search for images on a common user interface within different image archives, variable databases from institutes, research facilities and museums.

prometheus doesn’t draw profit and is supported by a non-profit association for promoting science and research through the development, appropriation and application of digital media in the arts and the field of the history of culture. License fees are charged exclusively for operating our services and the continuous development of our applications.

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Searching – Search in multiple image databases within one surface

Currently you are able to search in almost 90 art historian, design, architectural, theological, historian and archaeological and image databases with more than 1.450.000 images in total. The prometheus archive offers you a simple search that searches in all fields for your query terms or an advanced search that allows you to combine your search criteria in different ways or to pick certain databases for a more selective search.

Collecting – Assemble your topical images in one place

You can store your images which you need to prepare your courses, presentations or research into an image collection. The image collection can be expanded at all times with new images and your access is independent from your location. Additional information to characterize your image collection (description, keywords) or information concerning research literature or relevant web links can be added. Above all you have the possibility to share your collection with all users or only with single users so that they are able to have a closer look at your collection or even to collaborate with you.

Presenting – Present your assembled images location-independently

You have the possibility to download your image collections (images and metadata) directly as an automatically generated PowerPoint presentation. Alternatively, you can also download the images and integrate them manually into your local presentation program.

Publishing – Inform yourself about copyrights and publish images

Next to any image you will find a link which leads you to the copyright information of the particular image. There you can research what is necessary to obtain the consent of the copyright-holder. In some cases there will be the opportunity to obtain the permission for publication directly through prometheus.

In order to use the images for research and education, prometheus cooperates with the VG Bild-Kunst which allows both access to the images of the different databases through prometheus and the utilization of the images for research and education (see » Copyrights and Publication).

Researching – Search, collect, annotate

In every area you will find tools that will help to alleviate your work and research: e.g. selective search with the aid of choosing certain databases and combined search fields, the structured and annotated image collection or the research work which you approved for collaboration.

The license model of prometheus

prometheus is a non-commercial image archive. License fees are charged exclusively for operating our services and the continuous development of our technologies.
Additional information on » Registration and Licenses.

Individual databases can be connected to prometheus

To connect an individual database and to use the advantages of prometheus, find additional information on » Information for database providers.