Software engineering

Here at prometheus we are passionate about Open Source and support the movement for Free Software by releasing all our software under a free license (usually the GNU Affero General Public License) and contributing to projects we use.

pandora – The software of prometheus, the digital image archive

pandora is the successor to kleio and the driving force behind the image archive. Since autumn 2006, pandora has been developed on the basis of Ruby on Rails.

Further information on the software behind the image archive can be found here.

Open source tools and libraries

Parts of the software developed during the project have proven to be of more general use. Since we ourselves benefit to a considerable extent from other open source projects, we naturally also try to give a little back where this is possible. As a result of these efforts, we have released a number of tools and libraries and made them publicly available on GitHub.

Feel free to visit our GitHub page.


In addition to developing the software that works behind the scenes of the prometheus image archive, we also rely on other technology.

A selection of the most important technology can be found here.