Display of the size, dimensions

Sometimes it says: “h 250mm × w 281mm”, sometimes it doesn’t: “20.6 × 26.1 cm”. The information in the metadata for the image, in the field “Dimensions” varies, but always describes first height x width, for three-dimensional objects the depth is added: height x width x depth. In order to get an idea of how large or how small the displayed works and objects on our site are, we are working on a display of the dimensions, similar to the digital collection of the Städel Museum in Frankfurt am Main. There, the measurements are additionally visualized, e.g. in
„Sandro Botticelli. Weibliches Idealbildnis (Bildnis der Simonetta Vespucci als Nymphe), ca. 1480 – 1485, 81,3 × 54 x min. 0,3 cm“ or „Stefan Lochner. Die Apostelmartyrien, nach 1435, 121 × 163,1 × 8,3 cm (Gesamtmaß)“.