Your preferred Workflow?!

If you have a personal account at prometheus, you can create image collections, rate images, comment on them, determine favorites, upload your own images to your own image database and add to and update your profile.
And you define in your profile how you want to work in the image archive. Under “Settings” you can choose your preferred language and start page under “Access”, for example. Under “Search” you can define the display of search results, such as the number of images per results page or the sorting of the hit list, from relevance to title to number of ratings. Under “Image Collections” you can set, among other things, which view you prefer: gallery or list view, and under “Uploads”, for example, the sorting direction: descending or ascending.

A detailed explanation of the personal settings can be found on our help pages.
In the next weeks we want to add these personal settings options in the “Search” section. You will then also be able to select your preferred image databases there, for example. If you have further wishes, what you would like to set basically, write it to us with pleasure.