Object orientation in the image archive

Prometheus currently contains 2,819,764 images from 113 image databases for research and teaching. These images are mostly images with exactly one data set, because most of the integrated databases have a so-called “flat” structure. If there are multiple views, such as three-dimensional objects or series, the metadata is often duplicated. In prometheus, each image is then tagged separately with the metadata.
However, there are some databases that store their data as objects and link the associated images to the respective data records. That is why we save the object ID in these image databases and also link the images to objects within prometheus.

For example, if you search for “Cologne Cathedral”, you will see further views under individual images in the list of results, such as Gerhard Richter’s “Südquerhausfenster” in “ConedaKOR Frankfurt, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, Institute of Art History”. If you click on “Show all” you will see 23 views of the object.

If you search for “Ludwigsburg Palace”, there are also other views such as “Ludwigsburg Palace [detail view/inside, chapel]” in “DadaWeb, University of Cologne, Institute of Art History”. “View All” takes you to 12 views of the object.

Incidentally, in your own database in prometheus you also have the option of linking your uploaded image to other images as a "superordinate object“.