Editing your profile

If you have a personal prometheus account and want to use a new email address or have moved to another licensed institution, you can adjust your profile yourself.

Your profile will open and you will see your name, email address, … Another click on the pencil and you can change these details. Just like this, you can also change your institution or license there to continue to access your content such as image collections, your own database and favorites after the change.

Click on “License” – “Purchase a new license or change your institution …”.

In the list of licensed institutions you can see if your (new) institution belongs to it. If yes, select it, save and you belong to the new institution. Your administrator can find you in the list of the institution from now on and, for example, renew your access there if necessary.
In case your personal access has currently expired, it may still be possible to reactivate it with all personal settings. Please ask us before you have to create a new account and repeat your work in the image archive. We are happy to help.