Upload your own pictures on the go

Many of you are currently on the road, on vacation, on excursion, on study trip, or you are already planning the next tour. Today, we would just like to briefly draw your attention to the fact that you can also work on the road via prometheus app and smartphone with your personal access in the image archive. This is probably not really important now if you want to switch off and relax on vacation. But, if you want to take photos on your research topic or for the next term paper on the go and upload them directly to your own database at prometheus and store them in an image collection, then “prometheus to go” is exactly the right application. In addition, you can directly juxtapose your image with images from the image archive, for example in your favorites, or use the metadata as a guide if you find comparable ones in all image databases during your search.
If you don’t use the app yet, you can find it here at Google Play and in the App Store.