Videos with instructions, project information, ...

On YouTube we now also have our own channel! There, we will gradually make videos of others available in playlists, in a next step add some conference videos from other portals and video works of students as well as create and upload new videos.
Currently, “how-to” videos like „Bildsammlungen erstellen mit dem Prometheus-Bildarchiv“ (create image collections with the prometheus Image Archive) by Jacqueline Klusik-Eckert are available there, as well as compilations of “actions on the web” like “Invasioni Digitali” in the context of the International Museum Day 2014. In addition, you will find informational videos and screencasts on completed projects like “Meta-Image” and “The Digital Historical Archive Cologne” as well as videos and workshop recordings on the current project “NFDI4Culture”. For the time being, the videos are only available in German, but if they gain enough interest, we would like to offer English subtitles as well.
You know a video about the image archive that we haven’t included here yet? You have always been looking for a video about the work in the Bildarchiv, but haven’t found one? We welcome your ideas, suggestions and tips. Write to us and we’ll see how quickly we can realize something.