Automatic indexing of the prometheus image archive

Project partner

» prometheus – the distributed digital image archive for research & teaching, University of Cologne, University of Cologne
» Institut für Informationswissenschaft, University of Applied Sciences, Cologne

Project duration:

02.04.2007 – 31.03.2009

Project description

The goal of the project is to prototypically realize a procedure for automatic formal normalization and content indexing for the image collection of the prometheus image archive.

For this purpose, terminology resources for work titles and artist names will first be created, which will be used for an automatic indexing of the image descriptions of the prometheus image collection.

In a next step, the realization of an automatic indexing procedure for image descriptions will identify and assign the characteristic relations existing in an image collection (e.g. between work title ↔ artist and building ↔ geographic).

Additionally, in a completely new approach, an attempt is made to link the images in prometheus with art historical technical texts.


» RheinEnergieFoundation youth/occupation, science


» Metadata improvement for image information retrieval (Slides)

» perseus-a (Source code)
» perseus_match (Source code)


Project leadership:

Prof. Dr. Holger Simon
Tel.: 0221 470-3509

Prof. Dr. Klaus Lepsky
Tel.: 0221 8275-3363