PKND (prometheus KünstlerNamensansetzungsDatei)

XML format of the authority file, as it is used for the normalization of the artist names in prometheus. The file contains only those artists from whom different approaches to their names are known. Here you can find an example of a data set with the name “Raffaello Sanzio” and its variants.


Raffaello Sanzio
Raffaello Santi
Raphael Urbinus
Sanctius Urbinus
Urbinas, Raphael S.
Raffaele Sanzio
Santius, Raphael
Raphael di Urbino
Raphael Sanctius Urbinas
Santius, Raffaello
Raffaelo Sanzio
Raphael von Urbino
Raphael Pictor
Santi, Raffaello
Sanzio, Raffaello
Raphael Urbino
Raffaelo Santi
Santi, Raffaelo
Sanzio, Raffaelo
Raffael Santi
Santi, Raffael
Raphael Sanctus
Raffaello di Urbino
Sanzi, Raffaello
Raphael Sanzio
Sanzio, Raphael
Raphael Urbinas
Raffaello d’Urbino
Raffaello da Urbino
Raphael Urbin
Raph. Sanctius
Sanctius, Raph.



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