Non-discriminatory integration of historical picture postcards

In the project DigiROM thousands of historical picture postcards and graphics are currently being digitalized, which predominantly refer to clichéd representations of an antiziganistically determined stereotype. This stock is also to be integrated into prometheus as an image database. Before that, however, some things have to be discussed, conceptualized and then implemented.
A decisive factor for the reorganization and discussion of the existing digitization practices is the political work of the Rom e.V. and the integration of the existing expertise of Rom*nja and Sinti*ze there. In order not to manifest stereotypes with the collection of images, which are testimonies of an antiziganism, as it has been circulating in the European area since the 15th century and as it continues in unchanging clichés and stereotypes in very similar, recurring image elements up to the present, a dialogue with Rom*nja and Sinti*ze is needed. The aim of this dialogue is to find common ways to a justifiable digitalization and a practice of representation without reflecting the existing clichés without comment. Conceivable are barriers and references directly on the images.
In the article at DW Kultur by Maria John Sánchez it says at the end: “Vera Tönsfeldt (head of the DigiROM project) has not yet found a definitive answer to this question. But the way to get there is … clear”. A dialog must take place.