Your personal access

Many of you have personal access to prometheus, with which you can create image collections, rate and comment on images, designate favorites and upload your own images to your own image database.
With this personal access, you can also add and update your profile if, for example, you want to use a different email address or if you have changed institutions for the new semester.
You can get to your profile by clicking on your name, top right:

On it, you can see your your name, email address,… Another click on the pen next to your name in the top right corner and you can change this information or change your institution or license. This way, you can access your content and favorites even after the change.
In the List of licensed institutions you can check whether your (new) institution is (currently) one of them. If so, select it, save the information and you will belong to the new institution. Your administrator can find you there, for example to extend your access, since all personal access to prometheus is limited in time. Administrators or the office determine the respective period. You will be notified by e-mail four weeks before the validity expires and you can contact the person responsible for the administration, who is named in the e-mail, for the extension (with a current semester certificate) or, as an administrator, contact the office.
If your personal access has already expired, it may still be possible to reactivate it with all your personal settings. Please ask before you create a new account and have to redo your work in the image archive. We’re happy to help.